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The Kurşunlu Hot Springs

The Kurşunlu Hot Springs are one of the most important 15 geothermal areas in Turkey. These hot springs, located beside the İzmir-Ankara highway, downstream of the Kursunlu stream, are considered an important thermal tourism destination in western Turkey. Today almost all of the hot springs in the Kurşunlu Geothermal area has dried up, in consequence of the on-going hot water extraction activities. The ground surface temperatures of the water sources varies between 42-55ºC., and the water extracted from the wells has a temperature of 51-114ºC. The hot water obtained from the wells is mainly used in the thermal resort as well as for heating buildings in the Salihli District. It is thought that the thermal water from these hot springs has positive effects on rheumatism, in skin treatments, for respiratory diseases, for psychiatric disorders and in the treatment of calcification. In addition to these characteristics, this area is also known for being an important recreational

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