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Kula - Salihli Geopark

 Kula-Salihli Geopark, is located within the administrative territory of the Kula and Salihli districts of Manisa Province in the central part of the Gediz graben in the Aegean Region, on the western part of the Inner West Anatolian Plateau. The Kula-Salihli Geopark covers a total area of 2320 km2.

                The Kula - Salihli Geopark represents a complex geology and geomorphology due to the ongoing active tectonic regime in the Aegean extensional province. The Geopark contains evidence from more than 200 million years of earth history, from Palaeozoic metamorphic rocks to prehistoric volcanic eruptions.  With these characteristics, the Geopark area exhibits a very rich geological diversity.

The Kula - Salihli Geopark,  one of the youngest volcanic region of Turkey, is the most important geoturism area in Turkey due to its natural, geologic, cultural and archaeological richness. 

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