Geopark Ambassadors Are Coming to Kula and Salihli.

The Erasmus + Project named JEOPARK EMPLOYERS, numbered 2020-1-TR01-KA105-081899, is financed by the Turkish National Agency of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The project will be carried out between 15-22 August 2021 in Salihli and Kula. The executive of the project is Özlem KAYA, one of the teachers of Kudret Demir Secondary School, and the stakeholder of the project is the KULA-SALİHLİ UNESCO GLOBAL GEOPARK.

The aim of the project is to introduce KULA-SALİHLİ Geopark, which is Turkey's first and only UNESCO Geopark, to 25 participants (youth groups aged 18-30) from TURKEY, HUNGARY, POLAND, SPAIN and ROMANIA, as well as the environment, all formations and to observe the value it adds to the region and to introduce the KULA-SALİHLİ UNESCO Global Geopark to these participants from abroad in the best way. Participants who will stay in Salihli Lidya Hotel for 7 days will attend introductory trainings about the geopark in the hotel meeting room and will have the chance to see the geopark on site at other times. Within the scope of the project, educational tours will be organized in the company of experienced and expert guides to Adala Canyon, Sart Ruins, Kula Fairy Chimneys and Kula Volcanic Fields located in the Kula-Salihli UNESCO Global Geopark. The educational trips and the presentation of the geopark will be carried out by the GEOPARK MUNICIPALITY UNION, KULA-SALİHLİ UNESCO GLOBAL GEOPARK officials Yiğit KARAKUZU, Mesut KOLBÜKEN and Ali KARATAŞ.

The most valuable achievement of the project will be the promotion of Turkey's first and only UNESCO Geopark KULA-SALİHLİ Geopark.

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