The Thousand Hills

There are a group of important royal tombs which are termedBintepe (Thousand Hills) on the road from Salihli to Akhisar, 8-10 km north of the GedizRiver, within an area of some 74 square kilometers, Bin Tepe is the largest tumulus cemetery inTurkey.These 119 tumuli scattered across the area between the ancient city of Sardis and Marmara Lake belonged to the rulers of Lydia. The dimensions of these tombs vary depending upon the social status of their owners. Three of the largest burial mounds-tumulus are said to have belonged to the famous Lydian Kings, Giges, Alyattes and Ardys. The largest tumulus,63 m. high, which was compared by Herodotos to the Egyptian Pyramids, is thought to have been the burial place of King Giges. It is also the region of a major, newly-discovered Bronze Age kingdom contemporary with the Mycenaean Greeks, the Trojans, and the Hittites. The Thousand Hills is on the tentative list for listing on the UNESCO World Heritage List.   Click for Directions:

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