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Sardes ve Artemis Tapınağı

Sardis and The Temple of Artemis

The city of Sardis, the history of which dates from nearly 1000 B.C. served as the capital city of the Lydian Kingdom. The city was the Provincial Centre during the Roman Period and became the Episcopal Centre in the Byzantine Period.

Elekçitepe Kaya Mezarları

Elekçitepe Rock Tombs

Ancient settlements around Kula BC. It dates back to the Lydian Empire around 1200 BC. Ancient rock tombs in Kula are closely linked with World heritage monuments.


The Thousand Hills

These 119 tumuli scattered across the area between the ancient city of Sardis and Marmara Lake belonged to the rulers of Lydia.

Thermai Thessos Kaplıcaları ve Kaya Heykelleri

Thermai Thessos Hot Springs and Rock Sculptures.

Emir Hot Springs are located 18 km east of Kula, next to Ilıca Hamam Creek, in Kula volcanics. This area was very famous during the Roman period and was known as "Thermai Thessos" or "Thessos Hot Springs".

Prehistorik Kaya Resimleri

Prehistoric Rock Paintings

Prehistoric rock paintings known as Kanlıkayalar are located near fossil human footprints. The figures were drawn on the inner surface of a erected schist rock block using red paint.

Tabala Kalesi Mesa Yapisi ve Roma Kalesi

Tabala Castle Mesa Structure and Roman Castle.

The signage mesa structure is a self-standing hill with a lava head separated from the Burgas lava plateau.

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