Kemer Village

Kemer Vilage has the potential of being one of the most significant tourism centres of Salihli in terms of its historical background, its well-preserved settlement fabric and domestic architecture. Kemer village is an important rural settlement being prominent with its commercial aspect. A significant area for bonito fish and animal trade, the village still retains the appearance of a small traditional town. Saddle-making, shoe-making, forging, blacksmith, veterinary, hairdressing; dressmaking, grocery and drapery are among the trade and manufacturing activities which have been maintained for a long time in the village. The most important agricultural products of the village are sesame oil and halva. The most important evidence of the trade activities of the village are the warehouses where the tunny fish brought from the surrounding villages are stored and the fruit and vegetable depots. An ancient trade road existed between Kemer Village and the plain,traces of which can be seen today. To the North of the village, there are the ruins of a castle and there are ceramic remains which are thought to belong to an ancient settlement named Nardi/Nardis. The ancient marble remains with Greek inscriptions in Kemer Village lend support to this identification.

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