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Yunus Emre Ve Tabduk Emre'nin Kutsal Mezarı - Carullah Bin Süleyman Camii

The Holy Tomb of Yunus Emre and Tabduk Emre - Carullah Bin Süleyman Mosque

Emre Neighborhood is established next to the Sandal Divlit lava flow. The village is a religiously holy place because of the graves of Yunus Emre and his teacher Tabduk Emre, the famous Turkish poet and mysticism.



The climate, the water, the soil and the air circulation of the area is suitable for viticulture and grapes are cultivated and in the Middle-Gediz Basin viticulture is practiced intensively, especially on the grainy terrain of the alluvial cones and fans between Salihli and Alaşehir.

Hoca Seyfeddin Köprüsü

Hodja Seyfeddin Bridge

Hoca Seyfeddin Bridge is located 13 km north of Kula. It is built on a neck where the valley of the Gediz (Hermos) river is narrowed by basaltic lava from the Kuladivlit Cone.

Çamur Hamamları

The Mud Bath Hot Springs

The history of the thermal spring dates back to the Lydian Kingdom and gains its name from the sediments present. Today, the water of the spring is left to rest. And, after the sediment is precipitated, the hot water is used in the thermal baths.

Tarihi Kula Evleri

Historical Kula Houses

Kula, the 18th-century Ottoman architecture is one of the best preserved areas in Turkey. Kula houses reflect not only the architectural style but also a general view of daily social life in Ottoman cities.

Kemer Mahallesi

Kemer Village

Kemer Village is in a position to be one of the potential tourism centers of the geopark with its historical background, well-preserved settlement texture and residential architecture.

Damatlı Mahallesi

Damatlı Village

Damatlı Village is one of the settlements affected by mass movements on Bozdağlar. There are cracks and inclinations on the walls of many buildings in the neighborhood, including the historical Damatlı Mosque.

Kız Köprüsü

Maiden Bridge

Adala – Demirköprü Barajı Aarasındaki yolun 3. Kilometresinde ve baraja yaklaşık 1 km mesafede, çam ağaçlarının arasından sola sapan tali yol Kız Köprüsü'ne ulaşır.

Gökeyüp Çömlekçiliği

Gökeyüp Pottery

The archaeological findings in the Kula-Salihli UNESCO Global Geopark include many artefacts made of clay, mostly from the Roman period, including Hellenistic and Prehistoric periods.

Eski Kollyda (Gölde) Köy Mimarisi Ve Sarnıçlar

Village Architecture And Cisterns In Old Kollyda (Gölde)

The village of Gölde (İncesu) is a unique hotspot where geology, history, culture, architecture and archeology intersect and interact. Gölde village was the place where Greeks lived until the 20th century.

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