Kula and Salihli, which are located on the historical trade route and have been home to many civilizations for thousands of years, have a very rich local cuisine and unique flavors. Authentic meat dishes such as wood meatballs, tahini pita, spinach pita, zucchini pita, pilaf with liver and casserole are the flavors you can taste only in Kula and Salihli. 16 types of chickpeas are produced in Kula, which is considered the homeland of roasted chickpea. Our districts have a rich food culture. Our citizens in this region have exhibited the best examples of palatal delight for centuries. The obligation to feed from birth to death has caused people to develop some rules about food since ancient times. These rules combined with the structures and values ​​of the societies over time and created the culinary culture unique to those societies. Local cuisines are the kitchens shaped by regional products in Anatolia. The most interesting feature of Kula Cuisine is the regular invitation meals. With the opening of these districts to tourism thanks to the Geopark, local dishes cooked behind closed doors have started to be brought to light over time. There are a total of 60 local dishes in Kula and Salihli. Among these, the local dishes that stand out are casserole, wood meatballs, kapama, stuffed goat, stuffed water pastry, round, sesame pastry, sugary pita, döner and local pita.
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  2. Ana Yemekler: Ekmek Dolması,Döndürme,Karıştırma,Tirit,Keşkek, Pişirge, Kula Tarhanası,
  3. Pide ve Börek Çeşitleri: Ispanaklı Pide, Gicirgenli Pide,Kakırdaklı Pide,Şekerli Pide,Kabaklı Pide, Börek Çeşitleri, Ispanaklı Börek, Patatesli Börek, Kıymalı Su Böreği, Peynirli Su Böreği, Kula Peksimeti,
  4. Tatlı Çeşitleri: Höşmerim,Susamlı Börek,Peynir Lokması,Zerde,Tuzlu Süçlaç, Pelte, Kuyruk Helvası, Nişasta Helvası, Tatlı Peynir Böreği

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